Date Short Description
20/JUL/2016 India mulls importing pulses from Afghanistan
19/JUL/2016 Textile sector to grow at 6% to $40 billion in FY2017
19/JUL/2016 Make in Mozambique: Pulses the real reason behind PM Narendra Modi's visit
19/JUL/2016 Coal imports likely to decline to 160 MT in FY'17
19/JUL/2016 Gold import nearly halves to $3.90 billion in April-June
19/JUL/2016 Rupee slips 11 paise against dollar
14/JUL/2016 Government allows SEZ units to import solid plastic waste
14/JUL/2016 Indian car exports alone is four times more than Pakistan's total car production
14/JUL/2016 Indian hybrid seeds makers see a fifth of cotton seed returns
14/JUL/2016 India seeks market access for sesame seeds in Japan
14/JUL/2016 Rupee closes at 1-month high against US dollar; bond yield at fresh 3-year low
12/JUL/2016 India backs African countries’ demand for curbs on cotton subsidies at WTO
12/JUL/2016 Kenya glut forces India to export cheaper tea to Pakistan
12/JUL/2016 India to import 5 lakh tonnes of maize to check prices
12/JUL/2016 Gold import falls by 50% in first half of 2016
12/JUL/2016 Rupee closes at 3-week high of 67.14 against US dollar
07/JUL/2016 Cotton spinning mills face decline in domestic cotton output
07/JUL/2016 India explores Iran market for textiles exports
07/JUL/2016 India to import pulses from Mozambique through government channels
07/JUL/2016 India's June oilmeal exports down by 48%
07/JUL/2016 Power cost may drop after coal import probe
06/JUL/2016 Government may alter minimum import price list for steel sector
06/JUL/2016 No coal imports for NTPC again
06/JUL/2016 Fall in meal exports, rising oil imports to impact soya acreage
06/JUL/2016 India demand surge sucks up LNG otherwise meant for Europe
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