Customized reports are prepared essentially on the basis of key inputs from our clients regarding their core problems and the market analysis sought by them.

Our solution architects having the appropriate domain expertise work upon the key inputs from the client to provide the most accurate solutions to their business problems. The reports are offered in the form of structured tabulated data, graphical representations, diagrams etc to facilitate quick analysis of the report. This data can be provided on a monthly basis and also on a fixed stipulated time period in the past as desired and required by the client. We assure and guarantee that the data provided by us will definitely prove to be a very powerful management tool to analyze and track trends, find out your market size and its potential etc.

Quantity Chart


Value Chart

Model-Wise Imports of Mobile phones into India

Brand Model Assessable Value Total Quantity Average Assessable Value
BLACKBERRY 7100 9077.37 1 9077.37
BLACKBERRY 7230 20024.95 1 20024.95
BLACKBERRY 7730 25787.52 3 8595.84
BLACKBERRY 8100 123568.46 14 8826.32
BLACKBERRY 8700 8387469.37 546 15361.67
BLACKBERRY 8700G 7681140.21 480 16002.38
BLACKBERRY 8800 308467.70 15 20564.51
I-MATE JAM 8404784.53 367 22901.32
I-MATE JAQ 5920622.97 550 10764.77
I-MATE PDA 4171323.59 250 16685.29
I-MATE SP-5 825786.78 109 7576.03
I-MATE SPL 1758720.22 150 11724.80
MOTOROLA P990i 1559912.98 73 21368.67
MOTOROLA V1050 4748706.90 306 15518.65
MOTOROLA V180 7949095.92 2241 3547.12
MOTOROLA V220 5619081.47 1102 5098.98
MOTOROLA V3 68235789.48 6214 10980.98
MOTOROLA V360 66763449.25 6023 11084.75
MOTOROLA V3i 10180234.40 1250 8144.19
MOTOROLA V980 1471168.04 316 4655.60
MOTOROLA W209 53716293.25 30000 1790.54
MOTOROLA W220 25626168.44 8510 3011.30
MOTOROLA W220 26091727.94 8720 2992.17
MOTOROLA W220i 465559.50 210 2216.95
MOTOROLA W375 1561839.39 500 3123.68
Nokia N70 265302240.37 24055 11028.99
Nokia N72 315317771.35 34215 9215.78
Nokia N73 251922708.96 16260 15493.40
Nokia N76 85819.70 13 6601.52
Nokia N80 56842.80 25 2273.71
Nokia N90 53267.40 5 10653.48
Nokia N91 54051014.54 4010 13479.06
Nokia N92 448710.68 20 22435.53
Nokia N93 222581.78 10 22258.18
Nokia N93I 4103352.76 160 25645.95
Nokia N95 455354248.58 18532 24571.24
Nokia N95I 3790984.50 190 19952.55


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