Date 13-Aug-2004 Issuing Authority Indian Customs
Circular Number 47/2004 Authority Type Circular
Subject Administrative control over ICDs/CFSs-reg


Circular  No. 47/2004-Cus.
August 13 , 2004

Government of  India
Ministry of  Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of  Excise  and  Customs

Subject:  Administrative control over ICDs/CFSs-reg

 I am directed to invite   your attention to  the Boards  Circular No.33/2003-Cus., dated 24.4.2003 issued  from F.No.437/9/2003-Cus.IV on the  above mentioned  subject.

2.       In this  regard  representations have  been received  from trade for shifting the administrative control  in respect of  Inland  Container Depot at Desur, District Belgaum, from Commissionerate of Customs, Mangalore to Commissionerate  of  Central Excise, Belgaum .


3.       The     matter has  been examined by the  Board. It is observed  that the office of Commissioner of  Customs, Mangalore is  about 400 km away  from Belgaum  where the ICD is located. It has , therefore,  been decided that in respect of Inland  Container Depot at Desur, District Belgaum, notified vide Notification No.89/2004-Cus., dated 21.7.2004 under clause (aa) of  sub-section (1) of  section 7  of  the  Customs  Act, 1962 , the  Commissionerate  of  Central Excise, Belgaum  will have administrative  control .

4.       The Circular No.33/2003-Cus., dated 24.4.2003  may be  modified  to the extent mentioned  in para 3  above.

5.       Kindly bring the above instructions to the knowledge of all concerned for strict compliance.

6.         Hindi version will follow.

7.      This Circular was duly published in newspaper  and placed on the CBEC website from 23.7.2004  to 10.8.2004.No contrary views have  been received.



D.S. Garbyal
Under Secretary to the Government of  India
Phone  No. 23094182

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