Date 12-Nov-1999 Issuing Authority Central Excise
Circular Number 493/59/99 Authority Type Circular
Subject ECC Number


Circular No. 493/59/99-CX.6
dated 12/11/1999

Government of India
ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue, Mudurai-2

Subject : CE - Introduction of New Excise Control Code (ECC) Number based on permanent Account Number (PAN) allotted by the Income Tax Department - Instruction

        I am directed to say that Ministry of Finance, in consultation with the Ministry of Commerce, has decided that all persons dealing with various regulatory agencies, such as the Central Excise and Customs Department (including Service Tax Administration), Income tax Department, Offices of Director General of Foreign Trade etc. should be identified with reference to a common identification number. It has been further decided that such common identification number to be used by various agencies will be based on the Permanent account Number allotted by the Income Tax Department. A background note on this matter is enclosed for your information. (See Annexure - I)

        In pursuance of the aforesaid, it has been decided to issue a new series of Excise Control Code Number (New ECC Number) to all Central Excise assessees amd registered dealers (hereinafter referred to as 'concerned persons' ). The Central Excise assessees and registered dealers shall obtain New ECC Number before 1.1.2000. Instructions for the allotment of ECC Number to Service tax assessees will be issued separately. The procedure for allotment of New ECC Number to concerned persons is specified in Paragraph 3 of this Circular.

2.        Components of New ECC Number

          The New ECC number will be alphanumeric. The first part would be the 10-Character PAN issued by Income-tax authorities to that concerned person to whom the New ECC Number is to be allotted. The second part would comprise of a fixed 2-Character alpha-code, which will be as follows:

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