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10/AUG/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -98 Modification of Policy Circular No. 51 (RE-2008) / 2004-2009 dated 6th January, 2009. DGFT Circular
04/MAY/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -86 Clarification regarding applicability of 36 months Export Obligation Period EOP under Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA) Scheme . DGFT Circular
30/APR/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -85 Recognition of certification/inspection reports/ test reports issued by Indian bodies by Ecuador. DGFT Circular
30/APR/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -84 Terms and conditions for issue of EPCG authorizations to EOU units after conversion to DTA unit-Regarding. DGFT Circular
29/APR/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -83 Restriction on import of Hot Rolled Coils - Notification No. 63 dated 21.11.2008. DGFT Circular
29/AUG/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular -30 Jurisdiction of RA in case of issuance of IEC to proprietorship firms DGFT Circular
24/MAR/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular-34 Issuance of Ad-Hoc Advance Authorisations under Para 4.7 forReadymade Garments of Textiles,Leather and Para 3.9.1 of PolicyCircular No. 20 dated 05.12.2007 DGFT Circular
17/MAR/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular-33 Clarification regarding request of firms for extension  in export obligation period. DGFT Circular
13/MAR/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular-32 Import of Sandalwood-cut off date for filing application DGFT Circular
29/FEB/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular-31 Clarification regarding requirement for return of original TR-6 Challan evidencing payment of Customs Duty for the excess raw material imported against Advance Authorisation Scheme DGFT Circular
04/MAY/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-04 Regarding last date for submission of applications for claiming benefits under DFCE under Exim Policy 2003-04 DGFT Circular
21/APR/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-03 Clarification regarding Public Notice No.31 dated 14.12.04 for issuance of Advance Licences for Pepper. DGFT Circular
20/APR/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-02 Abeyance of Application received relating to Appendices 17D for DFCE under EXIM Policy (2003-04) and Target Plus Scheme under Foreign Trade Policy (2004-05) issued under Public Notices 69 and 70 dated 07.04.2005. DGFT Circular
13/APR/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-01 Applicability of Para 9.4 of Handbook of Procedures for granting supplementary claims of DFCE for service providers DGFT Circular
30/MAR/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-25 Decision of Settlement Commission in CBEC- compliance thereof. DGFT Circular
22/MAR/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-24 Extension of the date for filing of application for grant/renewal of Star Status Certificate. DGFT Circular
17/MAR/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-23 Extension of the date for filing of application for Duty Free Credit Entitlement Certificate for Status Holder for the period 2003-04. DGFT Circular
15/MAR/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-22 Export of Onion through designated State Trading Enterprises DGFT Circular
11/MAR/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-21 Clarification regarding the date of submission of application submitted through E-Commerce/ Digital Signature etc. DGFT Circular
24/AUG/2004 DGFT Circular No. 44/2002-2007 Guidelines for import of Rough Marble Blocks/Slabs. DGFT Circular
28/JUL/2004 DGFT Circular No. 43/2002-2007 Clarification on the revocation of DEPB rates suspended by Public Notice No 71 dated 12.07.2004 DGFT Circular
19/FEB/2004 DGFT Circular No. 28/2002-2007  Placement of quantity of Raw Sugar from the freesale quota of 2003-04 season for export of preferential Raw Cane Sugar DGFT Circular
16/FEB/2004 DGFT Circular No. 27/2002-2007  Condition on import of textile and textile articles DGFT Circular
09/FEB/2004 DGFT Circular No. 26/2002-2007  The list of  International accredited agencies for issuance of Type Approval Certificate / COP for import of vehicles DGFT Circular
28/JAN/2004 DGFT Circular No. 25/2002-2007  Condition 8 of Chapter I A ( General Conditions of import) of the ITC (HS) classification of Export and Imports items DGFT Circular
14/JAN/2004 DGFT Circular No. 24/2002-2007  Inclusion of commission in the FOB value for calculation of DEPB entitlement DGFT Circular
29/DEC/2003 DGFT Circular No. 23/2002-2007  Certification of nexus under EPCG Scheme DGFT Circular
10/JUL/2003 DGFT Circular No. 11/2002-2007  Issuance of EPCG licences by units having RCMC as merchant exporters DGFT Circular
09/MAY/2003 DGFT Circular No. 02/2002-2007 Mandatory standards for import of certain electrical goods and   appliances prescribed vide Notification No. 5 dated 7.4.03. DGFT Circular
07/APR/2003 DGFT Circular No. 01/2002-2007  Condition on import of textile and textile articles DGFT Circular
18/MAR/2003 DGFT Circular No. 21/2002-2007 Retrospective effect of the criteria for newcomers permitting 25% BG for manufacturer exporters with export turnover < Rs 1 crore. DGFT Circular
12/MAR/2003 DGFT Circular No. 20/2002-2007 Procedure relating to import of Plastic waste/scrap DGFT Circular
06/MAR/2003 DGFT Circular No. 19/2002-2007 Classification of Mefloquine Hcl under ITS HS Classification for export of import items DGFT Circular
07/FEB/2003 DGFT Circular No. 18/2002-2007 Export of Preferential Raw Cane sugar DGFT Circular
09/JAN/2003 DGFT Circular No. 17/2002-2007 Base for computation of DEPB rate when the exchange rate on the date of let export exceeds the actual realisation rate DGFT Circular
16/DEC/1998 DGFT Circular No. 57(RE-98)/98-99 Clarification on deemed export benefits DGFT Circular
10/DEC/1998 DGFT Circular No. 55(RE-98)/98-99 Inclusion of commission in the FOB value for calculation of DEPB entitlement. DGFT Circular
01/DEC/1998 DGFT Circular No. 54(RE-98)/98-99 Policy issues relating to EPCG Scheme DGFT Circular
18/NOV/1998 DGFT Circular No. 52(RE-98)/98-99 Determination of date of export under Passbook Scheme 1992-97 EXIM Policy. Last date for grant of credit under Passbook Scheme DGFT Circular
17/NOV/1998 DGFT Circular No. 51(RE-98)/98-99 Classification of Handbags and silk garments under DEPB. DGFT Circular
11/NOV/1998 DGFT Circular No. 50(RE-98)/98-99 Export of Coarse-grain during the licensing year 1998-99 DGFT Circular
02/NOV/1998 DGFT Circular No. 49(RE-98)/98-99 Agencies authorised to issue Bank Certificate of Export and Realisation Appendix 25 of Handbook of Procedures, 1997-2002. DGFT Circular
21/SEP/1998 DGFT Circular No. 38(RE-98)/98-99 Replenishment licences in cases where Bank Certificate or Customs attested invoice or Shipping bills is lost DGFT Circular
04/SEP/1998 DGFT Circular No. 37(RE-98)/98-99 Condonation of delay in filing the applications for grant of DEPB, Special Import License etc. during the pen down strike from 2.7.1998 to 13.7.1998 – Regional Offices. DGFT Circular
04/SEP/1998 DGFT Circular No. 36(RE-98)/98-99 Issue of Special Import Licences - Furnishing of documents. DGFT Circular
03/SEP/1998 DGFT Circular No. 35(RE-98)/98-99 Attempts to obtain double benefits under DEPB / Advance Licensing Scheme in respect of goods being manufactured / processed by 100% Export Oriented Units (EOU) / Units in Export Processing Zones (EPZs). DGFT Circular
28/AUG/1998 DGFT Circular No. 34(RE-98)/98-99  Import of Canalised items. DGFT Circular
20/AUG/1998 DGFT Circular No. 33(RE-98)/98-99 Clarification on certain issues relating to EPCG, Duty Exemption and DEPB Scheme. DGFT Circular
20/AUG/1998 DGFT Circular No. 32(RE-98)/98-99  Refund of terminal excise duty under Deemed Exports scheme and availibility of deemed exports benefits for supply of goods / services to Civil Construction Projects. DGFT Circular
17/AUG/1998 DGFT Circular No. 31(RE-98)/98-99  Matter relating to Export Inspection Agencies DGFT Circular

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