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26/APR/2010 DGFT Circular No. Circular -31 Import of sports weapons by Renowned Shooters. DGFT Circular
01/JAN/2010 DGFT Circular No. Circular -20 Extension of time for filing of applications for fixation of Brand Rate of Duty Drawback for High Speed Diesel (HSD) supplied by domestic oil companies to EOU's prior to issue of Notification No. 20 dated 17.8.05. DGFT Circular
09/SEP/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -06 Import of waste paper DGFT Circular
04/SEP/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -05 Import of sports weapons by "Renowned Shooters.'' DGFT Circular
01/SEP/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -04 Corrigendum in respect of export of Meat of Sheep/Goat covered under Chapter 2 of ITC(HS). DGFT Circular
08/JUL/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -97 Import of waste paper. DGFT Circular
24/JUN/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -96 Import of metal scrap – submission of copy of contract between buyer and seller. DGFT Circular
16/JUN/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -95 Prohibition on import of toys. DGFT Circular
16/JUN/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -94 Verification of new IEC Number. DGFT Circular
27/MAR/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -75 Claiming  of  deemed  export  benefits under para 8.2(b) of FTP – Clarification   regarding. DGFT Circular
06/OCT/2004 DGFT Circular No. Circular-02 Clarification on the issuance of Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) by Export Promotion Councils DGFT Circular
17/SEP/2004 DGFT Circular No. Circular-01 Import Penicillins and its salts (ITC HS Code 29411010) or import of 6-APA (ITC HS Code No.29411050) under Advance Licences DGFT Circular
04/JAN/2002 DGFT Circular No. 16(RE-01)/2001-2002 Non production of logged DEEC Book DGFT Circular
13/NOV/2001 DGFT Circular No. 15(RE-01)/2001-2002 Extension in date of shipment for the export of white sugar DGFT Circular
19/OCT/2001 DGFT Circular No. 14(RE-01)/2001-2002 Settlement of audit objections involving SIL DGFT Circular
16/OCT/2001 DGFT Circular No. 13(RE-01)/2001-2002 Refund of excise duty on tea DGFT Circular
10/OCT/2001 DGFT Circular No. 12(RE-01)/2001-2002 Regarding Indo Nepal Trade DGFT Circular
01/OCT/2001 DGFT Circular No. 11(RE-01)/2001-2002 Maintence of average by the EPCG licence holder DGFT Circular
26/SEP/2001 DGFT Circular No. 10(RE-01)/2001-2002 Release of Quata for white Sugar DGFT Circular
18/SEP/2001 DGFT Circular No. 9(RE-01)/2001-2002 Condition on import of textile and textile articles DGFT Circular
21/AUG/2001 DGFT Circular No. 7(RE-01)/2001-2002 Import of consumer durables including automobilkes in CKD/SKD conditiuon DGFT Circular
19/AUG/2001 DGFT Circular No. 8(RE-01)/2001-2002 1) Provisional clearance in anticipation of EO, extension under under advance licence 2) Regularisation of exports on the basis of customs assessment of goods DGFT Circular
26/JUL/2001 DGFT Circular No. 6(RE-01)/2001-2002 Procedural Simplificatiuon in the filling of payments certificates for availing demed exports benefit  DGFT Circular
20/JUL/2001 DGFT Circular No. 5(RE-01)/2001-2002 Condition on import of textile and textile articles as per paragraph 11 of Notification no.3 (RE-2001)/ 1997-2002 dt. 31st March, 2001.  DGFT Circular
19/JUN/2001 DGFT Circular No. 4(RE-01)/2001-2002 Clarification regarding classification of products under Notification No.44 DGFT Circular
07/JUN/2001 DGFT Circular No. 3(RE-01)/2001-2002 Condition on import of textile and textile articles as per paragraph 11 of Notification no.3 (RE-2001)/ 1997-2002 dt. 31st March, 2001.  DGFT Circular
25/MAY/2001 DGFT Circular No. 2(RE-01)/2001-2002  Definition  of value addition DEPB benefits for advance payments and DFRC for senstivive iteems DGFT Circular
03/MAY/2001 DGFT Circular No. 1(RE-01)/2001-2002 Guidelines for recognition of branded products   DGFT Circular
22/FEB/2001 DGFT Circular No. 40(RE-00)/2000-2001 Applicatablitiy of mandatory quality standards on imports made under Advance Licence and imports made by 100% EOUs and units in EPZ DGFT Circular
14/FEB/2001 DGFT Circular No. 39(RE-00)/2000-2001 Consideration of application under paragraph 6.8 of the Handbook (Vol.1) without regerence to headquarters EPCG committee DGFT Circular
02/JAN/2001 DGFT Circular No. 37(RE-00)/2000-2001 Placement of quantity of 8500 MTs of Raw Sugar from the Freesale Quota of  2000-2001 Season ( Oct.  to  Sept. ) for export of Preferential  Raw Cane Sugar Tariff Rate Quota for the fiscal year 2001 ( October 1, 2000 to September, 30, 2001 ) to USA. DGFT Circular
14/JUL/2000 DGFT Circular No. 17(RE-00)/2000-2001 1. Importability of cars , microbuses etc. by travel agents , tour operators or tourist transport operators under 5% EPCG Scheme. 2. Enhancement of CIF value of licences issued under zero duty EPCG Scheme. DGFT Circular
13/JUL/2000 DGFT Circular No. 16(RE-00)/2000-2001 DEPB rates for chemical formulations consisting of more than one bulk drug where all the constituent drugs are either specified ... DGFT Circular
07/JUL/2000 DGFT Circular No. 15(RE-00)/2000-2001 Modification/Issuance of IEC Certificate DGFT Circular
30/JUN/2000 DGFT Circular No. 14(RE-00)/2000-2001 Classification of various Products under ITC(HS) Classifications of Exports & Imports Items (1997-2002) - Clarifications regarding DGFT Circular
26/JUN/2000 DGFT Circular No. 13(RE-00)/2000-2001 Export of Coarse grains during the licensing year 2000-2001 DGFT Circular
10/JUL/1998 DGFT Circular No. 19(RE-98)/98-99 Clarification with regard to application of DEPB rate/ capping. DGFT Circular
02/JUL/1998 DGFT Circular No. 17(RE-98)/98-99  Export of Sugar from the free sale quota of the year 1997-98 and 1998-99. DGFT Circular
01/JUL/1998 DGFT Circular No. 16(RE-98)/98-99 Revalidation of Special Imprest Licence and Prorata reduction of export obligation in value terms under quantity wise Advance licence. DGFT Circular
26/JUN/1998 DGFT Circular No. 15(RE-98)/98-99 Export of Powder Milk (Skimmed or Full Cream/Whole and Infant Milk Food, Pure Milk, Ghee and Butter during the licensingYear 1998-99. DGFT Circular
18/JUN/1998 DGFT Circular No. 14(RE-98)/98-99  Classification of seafood and Aquaculture processed food within the definition of food processing. DGFT Circular
11/JUN/1998 DGFT Circular No. 13(RE-98)/98-99  Monitoring of export obligation against EPCG Licences. DGFT Circular
02/JUN/1998 DGFT Circular No. 11(RE-98)/98-99  Export of Peacock Tail Feathers including Handicraft items and Articles made thereof during 1998 -99. DGFT Circular
02/JUN/1998 DGFT Circular No. 10(RE-98)/98-99  Export of Manufactured Articles/Shavings of Shed Antlers of Sambhar and Chital during 1998-99. DGFT Circular
01/JUN/1998 DGFT Circular No. 9(RE-98)/98-99  Calculation of NFE for the purpose of Recognition of Export House etc.-- Deduction of c.i.f. value of imports. DGFT Circular
28/MAY/1998 DGFT Circular No. 8(RE-98)/98-99  Monitoring of export obligation under EPCG scheme. DGFT Circular
25/MAY/1998 DGFT Circular No. 7(RE-98)/98-99 Private Bonded warehouses for imports – regarding. DGFT Circular
19/MAY/1998 DGFT Circular No. 5(RE-98)/98-99  Export of Sugar from the free sale quota of the year 1997-98 and 1998-99. DGFT Circular
15/MAY/1998 DGFT Circular No. 4(RE-98)/98-99 Provisional Shipment under DEPB pending fixation of DEPB rate. DGFT Circular
24/APR/1998 DGFT Circular No. 2(RE-98)/98-99  Export of Sugar from the free sale quota of the year 1997-98 and 1998-99. DGFT Circular

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