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03/FEB/2010 DGFT Circular No. Circular -22 Procedure to re-credit 4% Special Additional Duty (SAD) of Customs in DEPB, VKGUY, FPS, FMS, MLFPS scrips in view of the refund facility allowed under Customs Notification No. 102/2007-Customs  dated 14th September, 2007 (as amended)  to be read with the DGFT Circular
27/OCT/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -13 Operationalisation of provisions of  Para 5.11.2 of Hand Book of Procedure Vol.-1 (2009-14) DGFT Circular
23/OCT/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -12 Import licences for Rough Marble Blocks/Slabs – Issue of balance quota for the year 2009-10 as per New Policy. DGFT Circular
13/OCT/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -11 Reimbursement of Secondary and higher education cess paid on excise duty/terminal excise duty in case of supplies made  under deemed exports. DGFT Circular
12/OCT/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -10 Clarification to enable procurement of spares beyond 5% by granite sector EOUs. DGFT Circular
01/OCT/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -09 Clarification with regard to: A: Deemed Export Benefits on supplies against Invalidation Letter / ARO. B: Value Addition requirement on clubbing - regarding.  DGFT Circular
10/JUN/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -93 Regarding incentives for Fast Track Companies. DGFT Circular
04/JUN/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -92 Export of Sugar – reintroduction of the system of export release orders w.e.f. 1.1.2009 for export under OGL – Corrigendum to Policy Circular No. 87 (RE-09)/2004-2009 dated 4.5.2009 - regarding. DGFT Circular
21/MAY/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -91 “Error 96” cases and their online validation under DEPB Scheme – Regarding. DGFT Circular
06/FEB/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -58 Notification No. 82 (RE-2008) dated 23.01.2009 – transitional arrangements thereunder and origin of goods under prohibition. DGFT Circular
20/NOV/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular -39 Permission for export of edible oil in small consumer packs and proposal to allow export of fish oil – Monitoring of export quantity – regarding DGFT Circular
20/NOV/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular -38 Relaxation of ban for export of non-basmati rice by two 100% EOU units – regarding monitoring of export quantity DGFT Circular
31/OCT/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular -37 Guidelines for import of Rough Marble Blocks/Slabs for the year 2008-09. DGFT Circular
16/OCT/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular -36 Submission of applications for claiming deemed export benefits under Para 8.3.1 of HBP, Vol.I DGFT Circular
10/OCT/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular -35 Guidelines for import of Rough / unprocessed Blocks and Slabs of agglomerated / artificial stones for the year 2008-09 DGFT Circular
10/OCT/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular -34 Guidelines for import of Rough / unprocessed Blocks and Slabs of agglomerated / artificial stones for the year 2008-09 DGFT Circular
24/DEC/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-22 Import Policy of 1-Bromo-3-Chloro Propane DGFT Circular
14/DEC/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-21 Import of vehicles used in off-highway operations such as mining, industrial undertakings, irrigation, general construction etc. DGFT Circular
05/DEC/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-20 Norms Committee-Para 4.7 cases Guidelines DGFT Circular
05/NOV/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-19 Applicability of Public Notice No 36 in respect of pending claims for TED refunds as per amended Para 8.3.1(iii) of HBP Volume I DGFT Circular
30/OCT/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-18 Clarification regarding procedure to be followed for destruction of drugs imported from un- registered sources under the Advance Authorisation Scheme DGFT Circular
26/OCT/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-17 Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana benefits for export of Cashew, Pepper, Chilly, Cardamom and Sesamum Seeds for exports from 1.4.2004 till 31.8.2004. DGFT Circular
22/OCT/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-16 Issuance of End Use (No Objection) Certificate for import of Boric Acid – Clarification regarding DGFT Circular
19/OCT/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-15 Ban on export of non-basmati rice - clarification regarding DGFT Circular
03/OCT/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-14 Duty free import of fuel under Advance Authorisation Scheme- Clarification regarding DGFT Circular
21/AUG/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-07 Guidelines for import of Rough Marble Blocks/Slabs for the year 2007-08. DGFT Circular
21/AUG/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-06 Clarification on export documentation and entitlement under DFCE for status holders scheme under EXIM Policy and Target Plus Schemes under Foreign Trade Policy DGFT Circular
20/AUG/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-05 Guidelines for import of Rough Marble Blocks/Slabs for the year 2007-08. DGFT Circular
16/AUG/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-04 Transitional Arrangements under Para 1.5 of Foreign Trade Policy, 2004-2009. DGFT Circular
10/AUG/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-03 Methodology for distinguishing Artistic Work for grant of benefit under VKGUY Scheme( for export of identified 'Artistic Wooden Furniture' items as in Appendix-37A) DGFT Circular
30/JUL/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-02 Guidelines for import of Rough Marble Blocks/Slabs for the year 2007-08. DGFT Circular
26/JUL/2007 DGFT Circular No. Circular-01 Guidelines for import of Rough Marble Blocks/Slabs for the year 2007-08. DGFT Circular
04/AUG/2006 DGFT Circular No. Circular-16 Policy Circular No.14(RE-2006)/2004-09 dated 25.07.2006 kept in abeyance. DGFT Circular
27/JUL/2006 DGFT Circular No. Circular-15 New System for issuance of Import-Exporter Code Number. DGFT Circular
11/SEP/2000 DGFT Circular No. 25(RE-00)/2000-2001 Regarding Mentioning of ITC(HS) code on Shipping Bill. DGFT Circular
06/SEP/2000 DGFT Circular No. 24(RE-00)/2000-2001 Return of Bank Guarantee by the Licensing Authorities. DGFT Circular
01/SEP/2000 DGFT Circular No. 23(RE-00)/2000-2001 Instruction regarding Nexus norms for EPCG licences DGFT Circular
25/AUG/2000 DGFT Circular No. 22(RE-00)/2000-2001 Classification of various products under ITC(HS) Classification of exports and import items (1997-2002) -Clarifications regarding DGFT Circular
31/JUL/2000 DGFT Circular No. 20(RE-00)/2000-2001 DEPB rates for formulations consisting of more than on bulk drug where some of the constituent drugs are having specified DEPB rates while others are non-specified ones DGFT Circular
28/JUL/2000 DGFT Circular No. 19(RE-00)/2000-2001 Clarification regarding the admissibility of DEPB against the export of some products under the Product Group : Engineering   DGFT Circular
29/FEB/2000 DGFT Circular No. 53(RE-99)/1999-2000 Extension in Time Limit for Export of Onion DGFT Circular
08/FEB/2000 DGFT Circular No. 51(RE-99)/1999-2000 Indo-Mynamar Border Trade DGFT Circular
20/JAN/2000 DGFT Circular No. 50(RE-99)/1999-2000 Export of goods with value addition under Paragraph 11.7 of Exim Policy against Rupee Payment. DGFT Circular
20/JAN/2000 DGFT Circular No. 49(RE-99)/1999-2000 Classification of various Products under ITC(HS) Classifications of Exports & Imports Items (1997-2002) - Clarifications regarding. DGFT Circular
15/DEC/1999 DGFT Circular No. 47(RE-99)/1999-2000 Export of meat products under DEPB scheme DGFT Circular
25/NOV/1999 DGFT Circular No. 45(RE-99)/1999-2000 Clarification on clubbing of two duty free licences -one issued by DGFT Hqrs and other by Regional Licensing Authority DGFT Circular
16/NOV/1999 DGFT Circular No. 42(RE-99)/1999-2000 Extension of time limit for allowing export of Bangalore rose onion till 7/12/99 against 56 NOC's issued during the period 4/11/1999 to 9/11/1999 DGFT Circular
09/NOV/1999 DGFT Circular No. 41(RE-99)/1999-2000 Export of Bangalore rose onion against NOC's issued by KAPPEC on or before 7/9/1999 DGFT Circular
04/NOV/1999 DGFT Circular No. 40(RE-99)/1999-2000 Extension in time limit for export of onions against NOCs issued by canalising agencies on or before 31.5.99. DGFT Circular
01/OCT/1999 DGFT Circular No. 35(RE-99)/1999-2000 Debonding of EOU/EPZ units under EPCG Scheme DGFT Circular

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