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30/OCT/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -14 Constitution of an Inter-Ministerial Committee to redress/resolve   problems/issues  of exporters- Constitution reg. DGFT Circular
13/AUG/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -101 Guidelines for import of Rough Marble Blocks/Slabs for the year 2008-09. DGFT Circular
12/AUG/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -100 Condition on import of textile and textile articles as per Para 11 (i) of Chapter 1A of ITC (HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items 2004-09. DGFT Circular
11/AUG/2009 DGFT Circular No. Circular -99 Advance Authorization – Export of SCOMET items – Clarification regarding. DGFT Circular
30/MAY/2008 Central Excise Circular No. 871/2008 Export Warehousing- extension of facility to Bidadi in the Bangalore Rural District, Karnataka- regarding Central Excise Circular
25/OCT/2006 Central Excise Circular No. 836/2006 Revised format of ER-1 & ER-3 returns regarding Central Excise Circular
06/OCT/2006 Central Excise Circular No. 835/2006 Steam-lining departmental response to Supreme Court matters Instructions – regarding Central Excise Circular
05/OCT/2006 Central Excise Circular No. 834/2006 Instructions regarding Large Taxpayers Unit Central Excise Circular
05/OCT/2006 Central Excise Circular No. 833/2006 Creation of a Large Taxpayer Unit (LTU) & Function and Powers of Chief Commissioner, LTU Central Excise Circular
04/SEP/2006 Central Excise Circular No. 832/2006 Export Warehousing- specifying class of exporters under sub-rule 2 of Rule 20 of the Central Excise Rules,(No.2) 2001 read with Notification No. 46/2001-CE(NT) dated 26.06.2001 Central Excise Circular
26/JUL/2006 Central Excise Circular No. 831/2006 The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2006. Central Excise Circular
03/JUL/2006 Central Excise Circular No. 830/2006 Export Warehousing- extension of facility to Navi Mumbai in the district of Thane in the state of Maharashtra -reg. Central Excise Circular
19/JAN/2006 DGFT Circular No. Circular-46 Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana benefits for export of Cashew  DGFT Circular
16/JAN/2006 DGFT Circular No. Circular-45 Regarding following of  the  specified  format  of   Certificate of Origin  (NP),     issued  by  agencies  Listed    in Appendix 4-C  of HBP Vol.I DGFT Circular
10/JAN/2006 DGFT Circular No. Circular-44 Online submission of applications DGFT Circular
30/DEC/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-43 Extension in last date for submission of applications under Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana and Served From India Schemes DGFT Circular
14/DEC/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-42 Temporary suspension of Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) Agencies listed under Appendix – V of the Handbook of Procedures. DGFT Circular
12/DEC/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-41 Clarification regarding procedure to be followed for import of all types of approved and un-approved drugs under the Advance Licensing Scheme. DGFT Circular
08/DEC/2005 DGFT Circular No. Circular-40 Utilisation of Vishesh  Krishi Upaj Yojana scrips for imports. DGFT Circular
10/FEB/2005 Central Excise Circular No. 807/2005 Payment of Additional Excise Duty and Special Additional Excise Duty on Motor Spirit and High Speed Diesel exported under Bond- regarding. Central Excise Circular
12/JAN/2005 Central Excise Circular No. 806/2005 Amendment to Circular No.762/78/2003-CX dated 11.11.2003 -regarding. Central Excise Circular
11/JAN/2005 Central Excise Circular No. 805/2005 Export of resultant goods manufactured by using goods obtained without payment of duty under notification No. 43/2001-CE(NT) dated 26th June, 2001- regarding. Central Excise Circular
04/JAN/2005 Central Excise Circular No. 804/2005 Post-withdrawal of warehousing facility to petroleum products – issues- regarding. Central Excise Circular
27/DEC/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 803/2004 Valuation of goods for Central Excise purpose – Cum – duty  price Central Excise Circular
23/SEP/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 799/2004 Withdrawal of warehousing facility for removal of petroleum products without payment of duty from the refineries –Supplies to Export Oriented Units- regarding. Central Excise Circular
06/SEP/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 797/2004 Extension of stay by CEGAT / CESTAT beyond 180 days Central Excise Circular
23/JUN/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 794/2004 Application of the doctrine of unjust enrichment of cases of provisional assessment and payment of duty paid under protest Central Excise Circular
02/JUN/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 793/2004 Corrigendum to Circular No.786/19/2004-CX dated 19.5.2004  – regarding. Central Excise Circular
31/MAY/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 789/2004 Regarding Central Excise duty on packed tea during the period 02/06/1998 to 23/06/1998 Central Excise Circular
24/MAY/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 787/2004 - Central Excise Circular
19/MAY/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 786/2004 Export Warehousing- extension of facility in the district of Indore -reg. Central Excise Circular
30/APR/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 784/2004 CENVAT Credit involved on stock of Light diesel oil as on 28.3.2003 - regarding Central Excise Circular
24/MAR/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 782/2004 Reversal of CENVAT Credit on clearance of goods under rule 19(2) of Central Excise Rules, 2002 under notification 43/2001-CE (NT) dated 26.6.2001- regarding. Central Excise Circular
11/MAR/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 778/2004 Measurement of Mineral Oil (Petroleum products by volume) - use of ASTM Tables 53B and 54B- regarding. Central Excise Circular
09/JAN/2004 Central Excise Circular No. 769/2004 Basis of calculation of quantity of Crude Petroleum Oil for the purpose of levy of National Calamity Contingent Duty (NCCD) Central Excise Circular
05/DEC/2003 Indian Customs Circular No. 101/2003 Recovery of Merchant  Over Time (MOT) for rendering services  by the  Customs  Officer beyond working hours  and  on holidays- reg.   Indian Customs Circular
04/DEC/2003 Central Excise Circular No. 764/2003 Inclusion of Ship Demurrage (Ship Detention charges) in the assessable value of imported goods. Central Excise Circular
27/NOV/2003 Indian Customs Circular No. 99/2003 Import of non-standard tapes – instructions reg. Indian Customs Circular
21/NOV/2003 Central Excise Circular No. 763/2003 Whether the amount of Dharmada charged in the invoices and recovered from the customers as required to be included in the assessable value under Section 4 of Central Excise Act, 1944, order dated 28-11-2002 of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in Civil Appeal Nos Central Excise Circular
13/OCT/2003 Indian Customs Circular No. 90/2003 Compulsory Quality Control & Pre-shipment Inspection of  Honey- Reference  from  Export Inspection Council of  India( EICI)-reg Indian Customs Circular
06/OCT/2003 Indian Customs Circular No. 89/2003 Fixation of brand  rate  of  duty drawback  by the  Central Excise  field  formations under  Rules  6  and  7  of  the  Customs  and  Central Excise  Duties  Drawback  Rules, 1995 -  Removal  of difficulties – regarding. Indian Customs Circular
28/AUG/2003 Indian Customs Circular No. 76/2003 Issue of distribution Certificates under notification no. 148/94-Cus. Sl no. 8, dated 13.7.94  Indian Customs Circular
29/JUL/1999 DGFT Circular No. 23(RE-99)/1999-2000 Guidelines for import of Second Hand Capital Goods DGFT Circular
19/JUL/1999 DGFT Circular No. 21(RE-99)/1999-2000 Procedure for claiming Duty Drawback in terms of Paragraph7.41 of EXIM Policy, 1997-2002 DGFT Circular
13/JUL/1999 DGFT Circular No. 20(RE-99)/1999-2000 Guidelines to be adopted in respect of the export of Niger Seeds DGFT Circular
09/JUL/1999 DGFT Circular No. 19(RE-99)/1999-2000 Grant of DEPB rate for marine products covered under S.No.3 of Fish and Fish product in respect of exports made between 15.4.98 to 10.11.98. DGFT Circular
22/SEP/1995 Indian Customs Circular No. 102/95 Issue of notification as per section 54 of the Customs Act, 1962 - Transhipment- regarding Indian Customs Circular
21/SEP/1995 Indian Customs Circular No. 101/95 Quantity-based advance Licences - No additional duty on imports for exports of leather and readymade garments  Indian Customs Circular
21/SEP/1995 Indian Customs Circular No. 100/95 Value - based Advance Licences - No additional Duty on imports for exports of leather and readymade garments  Indian Customs Circular
20/SEP/1995 Indian Customs Circular No. 99/95 Private Bonded Warehouses -Further Guidelines Indian Customs Circular

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