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28/JUN/2010 Central Excise Circular No. 928/18/2010 Regarding amendment to Notification no. 42/2001-CE (NT) dated 26.06.2001 Central Excise Circular
24/JUN/2010 Central Excise Circular No. 927/17/2010 Clarification regarding process of pickling and oiling, whether it would amount to manufacture Central Excise Circular
14/MAY/2010 DGFT Circular No. Circular -32 Online transmission of DES(Advance Authorization), EPCG and DEPB authorizations at 9 ICES 1.5 new location w.e.f. 17.05.2010 reg. DGFT Circular
04/MAR/2010 Central Excise Circular No. 917/07/2010 Export warehousing –Extension of facility at Gautam Budh Nagar in the state of Utter Pradesh and Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra Central Excise Circular
04/MAR/2010 Central Excise Circular No. 916/06/2010 Leviability of cess on tractors under Tractor Cess Rules, 1992 Central Excise Circular
03/FEB/2010 Central Excise Circular No. 913/03/2010 Regarding Valuation of MS and HSD sold amongst OMCs – MOU – Withdrawal of instructions dated 14-2-2007 Central Excise Circular
22/JAN/2010 Central Excise Circular No. 912/02/2010 Regarding substantial expansion by way of increase in installed capacity for the units availing area based exemption Central Excise Circular
14/JAN/2010 Central Excise Circular No. 911/01/2010 Regarding irregular availment of Cenvat credit on certain activities not amounting to manufacture Central Excise Circular
25/MAY/2009 Indian Customs Circular No. 17/2009 Norms for execution of Bank Guarantee under specified export promotion schemes- Modifications in Circular No.58/04-Cus dt.21.10.04 Indian Customs Circular
25/MAY/2009 Indian Customs Circular No. 16/2009 Grant of All Industry rate of duty drawback to merchant exporters Indian Customs Circular
12/MAY/2009 Indian Customs Circular No. 15/2009 Levy of Interest under Section 47(2) of the Customs Act, 1962 for delayed payment of duty in respect of clearance of goods from a bonded warehouse  Indian Customs Circular
25/FEB/2009 Indian Customs Circular No. 10/2009 Certification of invoices for supply of goods from DTA to EOUs for claiming deemed export benefits Indian Customs Circular
23/FEB/2009 Indian Customs Circular No. 09/2009 Testing of samples of Hazardous wastes from the laboratories recognised under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 Indian Customs Circular
16/FEB/2009 Indian Customs Circular No. 08/2009 Applicability of notification No 41/2005-Cus to the goods imported against the  credit Scrips issued under para 3.8.6 of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) (2008-09) under Vishesh  Krishi Gram Udyog Yojana  (VKGUY) scheme Indian Customs Circular
09/FEB/2009 Indian Customs Circular No. 07/2009 Regarding clarification on admissibility of benefit of exemption in respect of ‘Virgin Olive Oil’ under Notification No.21/2002-Customs dated 1.3.2002 Indian Customs Circular
29/DEC/2008 Indian Customs Circular No. 23/2008 Clarification on classification of combined refrigerator freezer with separate external doors for the purpose of extending benefit of Notification No.85/2004-Customs dated 31.8.2004  Indian Customs Circular
20/AUG/2008 DGFT Circular No. Circular -29 Clarification regarding Grant of Deemed Export Benefits for supplies to Mega Power Projects. DGFT Circular
20/DEC/2007 Indian Customs Circular No. 46/2007 Correlation of Technical Characteristics, Quality and Specification of the Inputs with the Export Product under the DFIA Scheme Indian Customs Circular
19/DEC/2007 Indian Customs Circular No. 45/2007 Misuse of Target Plus Scheme  (TPS) – Scope and Coverage of Goods to be imported under TPS Indian Customs Circular
18/DEC/2007 Indian Customs Circular No. 44/2007 Eligibility of shank buttons, snap fasteners (snap buttons), zippers etc. for benefit under notification No.21/2002-Cus, Sl.No.140, 167, 167A and 167B - reg. Indian Customs Circular
27/DEC/2006 Indian Customs Circular No. 29/2006 Implementation of Special Economic Zone Act, 2005 and Special Economic Zone Rules, 2006  - reg. Indian Customs Circular
11/OCT/2004 DGFT Circular No. Circular-04 Allowing of furniture under EPCG Scheme DGFT Circular
06/OCT/2004 DGFT Circular No. Circular-03 Remittances to be counted for the Served from India Scheme DGFT Circular
22/JUL/2004 DGFT Circular No. 41/2002-2007 Import of approved and unapproved drugs under the Advance Licensing Scheme – Exemption from Registration Procedure DGFT Circular
04/JUN/2004 Indian Customs Circular No. 40/2004 Concessional rate of duty on import of Gold & Silver under NTF. No. 62/2004-CUS., DT.12/05/2004 Indian Customs Circular
03/JUN/2004 Indian Customs Circular No. 39/2004 Implementation of    provisions of  clause (3), sub-clause (22) of  Plant Quarantine (Regulation of  Import into India) Order, 2003-reg Indian Customs Circular
31/DEC/2003 Indian Customs Circular No. 112/2003 Exemption under Central Excise Notification No. 6/2002-CE dated 1.3.2003, vide Sl. No. 181 for chargeability of CVD on Import of copper/brass from Nepal-reg. Indian Customs Circular
22/DEC/2000 DGFT Circular No. 36(RE-00)/2000-2001 Export of Fodder including wheat and rice straw DGFT Circular
19/DEC/2000 DGFT Circular No. 35(RE-00)/2000-2001 Execution of BG/LUT in respect of EPCG Licences DGFT Circular
13/DEC/2000 DGFT Circular No. 34(RE-00)/2000-2001 Regarding the compliance of Notification no.44(RE-2000) dt.24.11.2000 DGFT Circular
15/NOV/2000 DGFT Circular No. 33(RE-00)/2000-2001 Importability of cars, microbuses etc. by travel agents, tour operators of tourist transport operators under 5% EPCG Scheme DGFT Circular
16/NOV/1998 Central Excise Circular No. 430/63/98 Export Central Excise Circular
02/NOV/1998 Central Excise Circular No. 428/61/98 Exports Central Excise Circular
30/OCT/1998 Central Excise Circular No. 427/60/98 Classification Central Excise Circular
12/OCT/1998 Central Excise Circular No. 426/59/98 Exports Central Excise Circular
05/OCT/1998 DGFT Circular No. 41(RE-98)/98-99 Value adjustment under Duty Free Licences issued under Exim Policy, 1997-2002 DGFT Circular
05/OCT/1998 DGFT Circular No. 40(RE-98)/98-99 Clarification on Exim Policy matters concerning Indian exports to Russia DGFT Circular
02/JUN/1998 Central Excise Circular No. 394/27/98 Classification Central Excise Circular
22/APR/1998 Central Excise Circular No. 312/28/97 SCN Central Excise Circular
03/OCT/1997 Central Excise Circular No. 339/55/97 Show Cause Notice Central Excise Circular
03/OCT/1997 Central Excise Circular No. 337/53/97 Appeals Central Excise Circular
20/AUG/1997 Central Excise Circular No. 330/46/97 Valuation Central Excise Circular
14/AUG/1997 Central Excise Circular No. 329/45/97 Disputes Central Excise Circular
27/JUL/1997 Central Excise Circular No. 319/35/97 Appeal / Review Central Excise Circular
17/JUL/1997 Central Excise Circular No. 324/40/97 Central Excise Rules Central Excise Circular
30/JUN/1997 Central Excise Circular No. 321/37/97 Modvat Central Excise Circular
18/JUN/1997 Central Excise Circular No. 317/33/97 Refunds Central Excise Circular
03/APR/1997 Central Excise Circular No. 310/26/97 Transshipment Central Excise Circular
20/MAR/1997 Central Excise Circular No. 306/22/97 Modvat Central Excise Circular
11/AUG/1995 Indian Customs Circular No. 91/95 Drawback on exports made under DEEC Scheme- Guidelines for Payment Indian Customs Circular

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