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17/JAN/2011 DGFT Public Notice No. 24(RE-2010)/2009-14 Non-requirement of submission of Proforma Invoice –- Amendment in ANF 2B. DGFT Public Notice
17/JAN/2011 DGFT Public Notice No. 23(RE-2010)/2009-14 Import of Natural Rubber under the Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) Scheme in the current financial year 2010-2011 under Para 2.59 of HBP Vol.I, 2009-2014. DGFT Public Notice
17/JAN/2011 DGFT Circular No. 12(RE-2010)/2009-14 Clarifications on issue pertaining to EPCG Scheme raised in the Port Officers’ Meeting Held on 3.12.2010. DGFT Circular
17/JAN/2011 Indian Customs Circular No. 05/2011 Regarding status of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) as National Sports Federation / Apex Body for the game of Cricket Indian Customs Circular
17/JAN/2011 DGFT Trade Notice No. 02/2011 Allocation of quantities of cotton for export in terms of Policy Circular No. 09 dated 29.12.2010-Regarding DGFT Trade Notice
14/JAN/2011 DGFT Public Notice No. 22(RE-2010)/2009-14 Re-Credit Certificate for Re-export of defective / unfit goods and/or Re-assessment of Debited Duty and/or re-exports on account of any other reason. DGFT Public Notice
14/JAN/2011 Central Excise Instruction No. 01/2011 Regarding enforcement of penal provisions for non-submission of returns Central Excise Instruction
14/JAN/2011 Central Excise Circular No. 940/01/2011 Regarding application of provisions of Section 5A(1A) of the Central Excise Act, 1944 Central Excise Circular
14/JAN/2011 DGFT Trade Notice No. 04/2011 Issue of RC for Cotton export by Jt. DGFT offices Chennai; (CLA) Delhi; Kolkata & Mumbai. DGFT Trade Notice
11/JAN/2011 DGFT Trade Notice No. 05/2011 List of Error Code for Licence DGFT Trade Notice
11/JAN/2011 DGFT Trade Notice No. 03/2011 In continuation of Trade Notice No.2 regarding submission of hard copies of application for grant of registration certificate DGFT Trade Notice
10/JAN/2011 DGFT Trade Notice No. 01/2011 Allocation of quantities of cotton for export in terms of Policy Circular No. 09 dated 29.12.2010-Regarding DGFT Trade Notice
31/DEC/2010 DGFT Trade Notice No. 31/2010 Facilitation for export of cotton in terms of Policy Circular No. 09 dated 29.12.2010-Regarding DGFT Trade Notice
23/MAR/2010 Central Excise Service Tax No. 01/2010 Procedure for electronic filing of Central Excise and Service Tax returns and for electronic payment of excise duty and service tax. Central Excise Service Tax
22/JAN/2010 Central Excise Exemption No. 01/2010 Substantial Expansion by way of increase in installed capacity for the units availing area based exemption. Central Excise Exemption
11/DEC/2009 Central Excise Exemption No. 02/2009 Clarification regarding peripheral activities for Area Based Exemption notifications Central Excise Exemption
15/JUN/2009 Central Excise Exemption No. 01/2009 Eligibility of exemption Notification No 6/2006_CE to pipe fittings ( joints, sleeves, elbow, couplings, etc. ) -reg Central Excise Exemption
18/JAN/2008 Central Excise Exemption No. 01/2008 Amendments carried out in notification Nos. 49 & 50/2003-CE, both dated 10.06.2003 in respect of exemption to units located in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and amendment carried out in rule 12 of Central Excise Rules, 2002 so as to prescribe for a quarterly return for these units. Central Excise Exemption
25/JUN/2007 DGFT Trade Notice No. 25/2007 Export from EU of non-hazardous waste material DGFT Trade Notice
07/JUN/2007 DGFT Trade Notice No. 07/2007 Review of the present import Policy of marble and other building stones. DGFT Trade Notice
12/MAR/2007 Central Excise Order No. 5/1/2007-ST Goods transport by road service provided by a goods transport agency-reg. Central Excise Order
06/FEB/2007 Central Excise Exemption No. 01/2007 IV cannulas –availablity of exemption under notification No. 6/2006 dated 1.3.2006 Central Excise Exemption
08/DEC/2006 Central Excise Exemption No. 03/2006 Application of contents of Circular No. 682/73/2002-CX dated 19.12.2002 to exemption notification No. 39/2001-CE dated 31.7.2001- regarding. Central Excise Exemption
06/DEC/2006 Central Excise Exemption No. 02/2006 Ready to eat and packaged Namkeens, Bhujia etc. falling under tariff item 2106 90 99 of the Central Excise Tariff, whether eligible for full exemption under Sr. No. 29 of notification no. 3/2006-CE dated 1.3.2006 or attract 8% duty under Sr. No. 30 of the said notification. Central Excise Exemption
16/NOV/2006 Central Excise Exemption No. 01/2006 Exemption from Central Excise Duty to parts falling under any Chapter, when used within the factory of production for manufacture of goods of heading 8701 – regarding Central Excise Exemption
13/JAN/2006 Central Excise Order No. 60/1/2006-CX In exercise of the power conferred under section 37B of the Central Excise Act, 1944 Central Excise Order
31/MAY/2005 Central Excise Exemption No. 01/2005 Excise duty exemption for specified goods for the manufacture of rotor blades for wind operated electricity generators - clarification regarding Central Excise Exemption
02/MAY/2005 Central Excise Service Tax No. 01/2005 Finance Minister has effected some changes in customs and excise duties and service tax. Central Excise Service Tax
04/MAR/2005 Central Excise Letter No. 01/2005 Excise duty levy on branded articles of jewellery Central Excise Letter
04/MAR/2005 Central Excise Jewellery No. 01/2005 Excise duty levy on branded articles of jewellery Central Excise Jewellery
28/FEB/2004 Central Excise Letter No. 01/2004 Changes in customs/excise duties in respect of iron and steel and coal Central Excise Letter
17/FEB/2004 Central Excise Service Tax No. 01/2004 Audit of Service Tax Assessees – regarding. Central Excise Service Tax
21/JAN/2004 Central Excise Exemption No. 02/2004 Clarifications on the term “Substantial Expansion” in the area based exemptions - Regarding Central Excise Exemption
16/JAN/2004 Central Excise Exemption No. 01/2004 Exercising option to avail of the exemption to specified goods cleared from factory located in Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh vide notification no. 49/2003-CE dated 10.06.2003 as amended and notification no. 50/2003-CE dated 10.06.2003 as amended- regarding. Central Excise Exemption
30/OCT/2003 Central Excise Exemption No. 04/2003 Clarification regarding availability of clearance based exemption to the textile traders - regarding. Central Excise Exemption
11/SEP/2003 Central Excise Exemption No. 03/2003 Procedure to be followed for availing ad-hoc exemption under Section 5A (2) of the Central Excise Act, 1944 Central Excise Exemption
06/AUG/2003 Central Excise Exemption No. 02/2003 Computation of aggregate value of clearances for calculating the eligibility limit for availing Small Scale Industries Exemption Scheme for the financial year 2003-04 – regarding. Central Excise Exemption
16/APR/2003 Central Excise Exemption No. 01/2003 Procedure to be followed for availing Ad-hoc exemption under Section 5A(2) of the Central Excise Act, 1944. Central Excise Exemption
03/MAR/2003 Central Excise Order No. 59/1/2003-CX Inclusion of freight and insurance charges in the assessable value. Central Excise Order
24/APR/2002 Central Excise Order No. 2/1/2002-ST Providing service of storage facility and charging rent for Storage of liquid cargo in tanks – whether liable to service tax as C&F Agents, - regarding. Central Excise Order
28/FEB/2002 Central Excise Exemption No. 01/2002 Availing of Modvat Credit as well as exemption under Small Scale Industries Exemption Notification- Regarding. Central Excise Exemption
26/FEB/2002 Central Excise Order No. 1/1/2002-ST Providing service of third party inspection and certification whether liable to Service Tax – regarding Central Excise Order
15/JAN/2002 Central Excise Order No. 58/1/2002-CX Excisability of plant and machinery assembled at site-regarding Central Excise Order
25/SEP/2001 Central Excise Jewellery No. 01/2001 Seeks to exempt Gold potassium cyanide used within the factory of production for the manufacture of gold jewellery. Central Excise Jewellery
16/NOV/2000 Central Excise Letter No. 02/2000 Valuation under section 4A – Extending the scheme to more commodities. Central Excise Letter
20/OCT/2000 Central Excise Order No. 57/2/2000-CX Classify Steel/Aluminium water tanks manufactured according to the specifications for supply to railway under Chapter 73/76 Central Excise Order
18/AUG/2000 Central Excise Letter No. 01/2000 Excise duty - mode of payment - clarifications Central Excise Letter
18/JAN/2000 Central Excise Exemption No. 01/2000 Small scale exemption – Notification No. 175/86-CE – Brand name – already affixed on raw material received – exemption available Central Excise Exemption
17/JUN/1998 Central Excise Service Tax No. 01/1998 Nomination of representatives of Service Tax Sector in the Regional Advisory Committees- Instructions reg. Central Excise Service Tax
11/APR/1997 Central Excise Jewellery No. 01/1997 Effective rate of duty on Gold/Silver Jewellery, Broken stones or dead stock — Produced in EOU or EPZ and sold in India Central Excise Jewellery

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