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HS-Code Item Description Basic Duty CVD SPL.CVD Calculate
29211110 Dimethyl formide Calculate
29211190 Other Calculate
29211200 Diethylamine and its salts Calculate
29211900 Other: Calculate
29211911 2-Chloro N,N-Di-isopropyl ethylamine Calculate
29211911 2-Chloro N,N-Di-isopropy[ ethylamine and Ethanamine, 2-Chioro-N, N-dimeihyl : N,N-Diethyl Amino ethyl Chloride Hydrochloride, Di-Methyl Amino ethylchloride Hydrochloride: 2-Chloro N,N-Di-isopropyl ethylamine Calculate
29211912 N,N-Diethyl amino ethyl chloride hydrochloride Calculate
29211913 Di-methyl amino ethyl chloride hydrochloride Calculate
29211914 Ethanamine, 2-Chloro-N, N-dimethyl Calculate
29211990 Other Calculate
29212100 Ethylenediamine and its salts Calculate
29212200 Hexamethylenediamine and its salts Calculate
29212910 Hexamethylene tetramine (hexamine) not put up as fuel or medicament Calculate
29212920 Trimethylene triniframine Calculate
29212990 Other Calculate
29213010 Cyclohexylamine Calculate
29213090 Other Calculate
29214110 Aniline Calculate
29214120 Aniline hydrochloride Calculate
29214190 Other Calculate
29214211 Para chloroaniline Calculate
29214212 Ortho chloro paranitroaniline Calculate
29214213 Dichloroaniline Calculate
29214214 2, 6-dichloro paranitroaniline Calculate
29214215 2-4-5-trichloroaniline Calculate
29214221 Benzyl ethyl aniline Calculate
29214222 Diethylaniline Calculate
29214223 Dimethylaniline Calculate
29214224 Ethyl aniline Calculate
29214225 Meta nitroaniline Calculate
29214226 Para nitroaniline Calculate
29214231 2-amino 3, 5 xylne sulphonic acid Calculate
29214232 Benzyl ethyl aniline sulphonic acid Calculate
29214233 Metanillic acid (meta amino benzene sulphonic acid) Calculate
29214234 Sulphanillic acid (para aminobenzene sulphonic acid para aniline sulphonic acid) Calculate
29214235 Ethyl hydroxy ethylaniline Calculate
29214236 Methyl dopa (1-alpha methyl-3, 4-dihydroxyphenylaniline) Calculate
29214290 Other Calculate
29214310 Diethyl toluidine Calculate
29214320 Dimethyl toluidine Calculate
29214330 Ortho toluidine Calculate
29214340 Meta toluidine Calculate
29214350 Para toluidine Calculate
29214360 2-Chloro-5-toluidine-4-sulphonic acid Calculate
29214370 2-Chloro-4-toluidine-5-sulphonic acid (sodium salt) Calculate
29214380 4-Toluidine-3-sulphonic acid Calculate
29214390 Other Calculate
29214410 Diphenylamine Calculate
29214490 Other Calculate
29214511 Alpha naphthylamine Calculate
29214512 Phenyl alpha naphthylamine Calculate
29214513 Phenyl beta naphthylamine Calculate
29214514 Amino F-acid Calculate
29214515 Aminolineli-R-acid Calculate
29214516 Sodium naphthionate Calculate
29214521 Bronners acid (2-naphthylamine-6-sulphonic acid) Calculate
29214522 Cleves acid (1-naphthylamine-6-sulphonic acid) Calculate
29214523 Epsilon acid (1-naphthylamine-3,8-disulphonic acid) Calculate
29214524 Kochs acid (1-naphthylamine-3,6,8-trisulphonic acid) Calculate
29214525 Laurents acid (1-naphthylamine-5-sulphonic acid) Calculate
29214526 Tobias acid (2-naphthylamine-1-sulphonic acid) Calculate
29214531 Naphthionic acid (1-naphthylamine-4-sulphonic acid) Calculate
29214532 Para tolyl peri acid (para tolyl-1-naphthylamine-8-sulphonic acid) Calculate
29214533 Phenyl peri acid (phenyl-1-naphthylamine-8-sulphonic acid) Calculate
29214590 Other Calculate
29214600 Amfetamine (INN), benzfetamine (INN) dexamfetamine (INN), etilamfetamine (INN) fencamfamin(INN), lefetamine (INN), levamfetamine (INN), mefenorex (INN) and phentermine (INN); salts thereof Calculate
29214910 Xylidines Calculate
29214990 Other Calculate
29215110 O-phenylenediamine Calculate
29215120 M-phenylenediamine (m-di aminobenzene) Calculate
29215130 P-phenylenediamine Calculate
29215140 O-diaminotoluene Calculate
29215150 M-diaminotoluene Calculate
29215160 P-diaminotoluene Calculate
29215170 Para-amino acetanilide Calculate
29215180 Meta toluylene diamine Calculate
29215190 Other Calculate
29215910 Benzidine Calculate
29215920 Benzidine dihydrochloride Calculate
29215930 3, 3 dichlorobenzidine dihydrochloride sulphate Calculate
29215990 Other Calculate
29219046 Omitted Calculate
29219052 Omitted Calculate

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