Complete List of Documents required for Exports Customs Clearance

All The Import Export Documents Required For Clearance In One Place

Published On: 25-Oct-2021

For several years, Cybex Exim Solutions has been the pioneer in the Trade data and intelligence sector. We have served numerous world-class companies and small traders too who have gone on to become global behemoths. The most frequent and foremost request we get is concerning help with navigating the Indian governments rules and documentation regime. India has always had a comprehensive set of rules and regulations, most of it inherited from days of British rule. Every Importer and Exporter needs an IEC Code to get started with trading. Besides that, here is a list of the documents you need to get started on your Import Export journey.


Commercial Invoice- This is a legal document that is signed between the exporter and the customer. It is a record of the goods sold and the due amount a customer must pay. This is central to determining the customs duty.

Shipping Bill- This is the quintessential document required by any trader to export goods from India. Listed in this document are names and details of the buyer, the seller, and the shipowner through whom the goods are being transported.

Customs Declaration Form– Under this form the particulars of the goods being imported or exported are mentioned.

Dispatch Note- This note informs the transporter of the process to be undertaken in case the address of the recipient is found to be invalid or wrong.

Customs Invoice- Most countries in North America require this document after the delivery of a special form from the Customs Authority of the importing nation. This helps in the passing of goods to the importing nation at a preferential tariff or under a trade agreement.

Packing List- The packing list is an extremely important document that enumerates the various items that are being exported by a trader. 

Certificate of Inspection- This document states that the Packing list has been checked and contains no other items than the ones mentioned by the exporter. This is also a statement of the acceptability of the condition of the exported items.

Black List Certificate- Several countries in the world share geopolitical or military tensions and wish to limit trade from each other. The Black list certificate is an attempt by countries to make sure that the goods that land on their soil havent been sent from or passed through enemy territory.

Certificate of Chemical Analysis- Chemicals such as dyes, metals, hazardous solutions among others are all required to be checked to ensure optimal quality.

Certificate of Shipment- This document certifies that products in a shipment have been fully processed or produced in a specific country.

Other documents might be required at the time of export. Call (+911204517800) or WhatsApp (+9971093718) for a complete and exhaustive list of your specific business needs.


Bill of Entry- This is a legal document filed by importers or agents. It contains the particulars of the shipment such as IGST, Quantity, Additional Duty, and Customs Duty amount.

The customs officials will thereafter examine the shipment and issue a 'Pass out the order'. Then the goods are moved out of customs.

Commercial Invoice- This is a document of immense importance. The items in the shipment are then checked and assessed for value and rechecked afterwards. This prevents over-invoicing or under-invoicing.

Bill of Landing- Herein is stated the carrier details and the terms of delivery.

Import License- Certain products require this licence mandatorily although some goods might be exempt.

Insurance Certificate- Customs officials need to find out if the shipment has been insured. This is the document they need.

Purchase Order (PO) – This document contains all the technical details and necessary items that must be listed for customs assessment.

The Indian Import Export procedure has been streamlined in recent years although there are still several complexities that might hinder your path towards getting your Import Export business started and flourishing. We at Cybex Exim can provide all the information you need to get your EXIM unit up and running. Reach us at [email protected] or call (+911204517800) or WhatsApp (+9971093718) for a complete and exhaustive list of your specific business needs.