How to import items to Argentina?

Published On: 02-Apr-2021

Are you looking to begin an export business with Argentina importers? Well! This is an ideal time to do it because Argentina import data disclosed import of commodities worth more than $90 billion in 2020 from different countries all over the world. To begin with, if you are planning to import items to Argentina, one of the vital suggestions is that you deal with Argentina authorities directly. Hence, here’s a brief guide on how to import items to Argentina and boost the Argentina import data this year: 

STEP 1: Register as taxpayer in your country

This is one of the significant requirements for exporters who desire to export commodities to Argentina. On the other hand, if you are kick starting an importing business in Argentina, you as an importer also require to register as a taxpayer with the Federal Revenue Service. According to the latest Argentina import-export guidelines, it is also stated that if the importer or exporter desires to make a “one-time exchange” to Argentina, such importers/exporters do not need to register. Instead, they can simply submit a “request for authorization” to the Argentina customs services. 

STEP 2: Import License or Import Permit

It is also a vital step in importation of goods in Argentina. As an importer in Argentina, you will require an import license with custom clearance (original) to submit to the Argentina import export governmental authorities. In the event that you do not have a license, you can apply for an import permit in Argentina, however, it may take time and funds. To begin with, the final outcome of the import permit depends on the type of commodity, quantity, and quality. The governmental authorities majorly focus on the use of the commodity in their country. If the commodity is banned or prohibited, it can lead to legal consequences for the importer. 

STEP 3: Prepare for final arrival of the commodities

When an Argentina importer gets an import permit or license, he/she can move forward to prepare for the arrival of commodities in the country. The importer can get in touch with the exporter and decide whether he wants to receive the goods via carrier of goods or cargo release. For the most part, upon the departure of goods in the destined country, the complete responsibility of receiving the goods and safely sending them to the warehouses, retailers, and distributors falls into the hands of the importer. Here, the exporters play no role. 

Before the pick-up, it is recommendable to check the condition of the commodities (packed).

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