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Online Data is available as per customs notification no. 128/2004

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Cybex Exim brings you latest and updated Trade Intelligence report of HS-44034990 Import Data from daily updated Export shipment data of india Customs. India Import data is compiled on daily basis from all india ports. India Import Data of is available with a backlog of just 2 days.

Import Data can be used for competitive analysis like Import Prices, Quantity, Pricing, Market Trends, Price Trends, Duty optimization etc.Few Sample Shipment records for HS-44034990 Import Data from India is listed below. Contact on 0120-4517800 for Free sample & Pricing of detailed report.

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ROUGH SQUARES TEAK WOOD (MADERA TECA EN BLOQUE) (3345 PCS)22/11/201644034990103.5CBM2480458.336053.123958.3ECUADORMULUND ICD
TEAK ROUND LOGS (1798 PCS)23/11/20164403499072.3CBM1729396.925136.523896.5COLOMBIAMULUND ICD
ROUGH SQUARES TEAK WOOD (MADERA TECA EN BLOQUE) (3447 PCS)23/11/20164403499098.4CBM2359054.434288.523958.3ECUADORMULUND ICD
TEAK WOOD ROUGH SQUARE 2284 PCS23/11/20164403499068.9CBM1651396.824002.823936.7ECUADORMULUND ICD
TEAK WOOD ROUGH SQUARE LOGS22/11/20164403499091.5CBM2207279.732082.524123.2ECUADORHYDERABAD ICD
TEAK WOOD ROUGH SQUARE LOGS (2280 PCS)23/11/20164403499098.9CBM2365283.234379.123903.8ECUADORMULUND ICD
MORA ROUND LOGS (L:6.00-10.90MTR DIA:50-81CM)22/11/201644034990119.8CBM2865154.541644.623896.6SURINAMETUTICORIN SEA
ROUGH SQUARE TEAK LOGS (1010 PCS)23/11/20164403499037.0CBM886468.212884.723896.5ECUADORMULUND ICD
TEAK WOOD ROUGH SQUARE 3070 PCS23/11/20164403499090.5CBM2168667.931521.323936.7ECUADORMULUND ICD
ROUGH SQUARE TEAK LOGS (5958 PCS)23/11/201644034990177.2CBM4338927.263065.824484.2ECUADORMULUND ICD
TEAK WOOD ROUND LOGS (2479 PCS)23/11/201644034990284.7CBM7926873.5115216.127842.0GHANAMULUND ICD
TEAK WOOD ROUGH SQUARE (797 PCS)23/11/20164403499041.0CBM1125639.916361.027410.5GHANAMULUND ICD
TEAK WOOD ROUGH SQUARE 1721 PCS23/11/20164403499083.6CBM2293546.933336.427410.5GHANAMULUND ICD
TEAKWOOD ROUGH SQUARE (499 PCS)23/11/20164403499021.0CBM574751.78353.927360.0GHANAMULUND ICD
ROUGH SQUARE TEAK LOGS (1893 PCS)23/11/20164403499060.1CBM1438097.320902.523896.6ECUADORMULUND ICD
WENGE LOGS23/11/201644034990324.6CBM16354923.2237716.950378.7CONGO (KINSHASA)TUTICORIN SEA
MORA ROUND LOGS23/11/201644034990121.7CBM3678947.653473.030215.9SURINAMETUTICORIN SEA
MORA ROUND LOGS23/11/20164403499081.0CBM2447565.335575.030215.9SURINAMETUTICORIN SEA
RADIATA PINE LOGS (GRADE A)23/11/201644034990109.8CBM977234.714203.98894.4NEW ZEALANDTUTICORIN SEA
RADIATA PINE LOGS (GRADE K)23/11/201644034990105.7CBM911196.113244.18616.5NEW ZEALANDTUTICORIN SEA
POPLAR C QUALITY23/11/201644034990151.6CBM1294894.018821.18540.5BELGIUMTUTICORIN SEA
TEAK WOOD ROUGH SQUARE (2211 PCS )23/11/20164403499095.7CBM2293524.233336.123955.7ECUADORMULUND ICD
ROUGHLY SQUARED TEAK LOGS (317 PCS)24/11/20164403499023.0CBM662931.79635.628810.5NIGERIAMULUND ICD
TEAK WOOD ROUGH SQUARE (3268 PCS)24/11/201644034990145.9CBM3999275.658129.027410.5GHANAMULUND ICD
PADOUK ROUND LOGS (L:4.4-11.80MTR DIA:47-73CM)25/11/201644034990156.2CBM5864175.785235.137523.5CAMEROONTUTICORIN SEA
ROUGH SQUARE TEAK WOOD (2433 PCS)25/11/20164403499091.0CBM2219304.432257.324370.0NIGERIAMULUND ICD
ROUGHLY SQUARED TEAK LOGS (1498 PCS)25/11/20164403499093.2CBM2686412.139046.628810.5NIGERIAMULUND ICD
PADOUK ROUND LOGS (L:4.4-11.6MTR DIA:49-98CM)25/11/20164403499061.3CBM2218612.832247.236133.7CAMEROONTUTICORIN SEA
SPRUCE ROUGH SQUARE25/11/201644034990203.4CBM2252181.032735.111069.7GERMANYJNPT
TEAK WOOD ROUGH SQUARE LOGS 3139 PCS24/11/201644034990101.7CBM2430762.135330.823896.5ECUADORMULUND ICD