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CABLE LADDER KHZ-600 2.5M HDG : WT768608 (QTY.13 PCS)23/11/201673089090117.0KGS43398.5630.7370.9SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-600 4.75M HDG : WT768617 (QTY.13 PCS)23/11/201673089090222.3KGS77430.41125.4348.3SWEDENJNPT
CLAMP 12/70 HDG INCL.BOLT AND NUT : 728653 (QTY 624 PCS)23/11/201673089090118.5KGS95720.41391.2807.3SWEDENJNPT
LIGHT BRACKET GE SPECIAL HDG : WBES05141 (QTY.312 PCS)23/11/20167308909059.2KGS74932.61089.11264.0SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-600 3.25M HDG : WT768611 (QTY.13 PCS)23/11/201673089090152.0KGS52704.6766.0346.5SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-600 5.25M HDG : WT768619 (QTY.26 PCS)23/11/201673089090491.3KGS167349.62432.4340.5SWEDENJNPT
S BEND 67 HDG : 788628 (QTY.312 PCS)23/11/201673089090280.8KGS420348.06109.71496.9SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-400 5M HDG : WT768418 (QTY.13 PCS)23/11/201673089090208.0KGS66814.9971.1321.2SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-400 2.5M HDG : WT768408 (QTY.13 PCS)23/11/201673089090104.0KGS31846.3462.8306.2SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-400 3.25M HDG : WT768411 (QTY.13 PCS)23/11/201673089090135.1KGS44959.5653.4332.5SWEDENJNPT
STRENX 700 MC D (ITM07953)(6 X 1500 X 6000 MM)(STEEL PLATES)(FOR EXCAVATOR & CAPTIVE USE)23/11/20167308909052.0PCS1475242.221442.428370.0SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-400 4.75M HDG : WT768417 (QTY.13 PCS)23/11/201673089090197.5KGS64941.6943.9328.6SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-600 0.75M HDG : WT768601 (QTY.78 PCS)23/11/201673089090210.5KGS161105.22341.6764.9SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-400 0.75M HDG : WT768401 (QTY 78 PCS)23/11/201673089090187.1KGS133005.41933.2710.4SWEDENJNPT
JOINT 21 HDG : 708740 (QTY.572 PCS)23/11/201673089090200.1KGS189668.22756.8947.3SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-600 5.5M HDG : WT768620 (QTY.65 PCS)23/11/2016730890901287.0KGS427740.56217.1332.3SWEDENJNPT
WALL BRACKET 11/25 HDG :713204 (QTY 1950 PCS)23/11/201673089090487.5KGS262868.53820.7539.2SWEDENJNPT
DROPPER JOINT 32 HDG : 734713 (QTY 624 PCS )23/11/201673089090468.0KGS512926.17455.31095.9SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-400 5.5M HDG : WT768420 (QTY.65 PCS)23/11/2016730890901144.0KGS374663.35445.6327.5SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-400 5.25M HDG : WT768419 (QTY.26 PCS)23/11/201673089090436.8KGS137376.51996.7314.5SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-400 6M HDG : 768005 (QTY.52 PCS)23/11/201673089090998.3KGS298481.74338.3298.9SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-600 6M HDG : 768007 (QTY.52 PCS)23/11/2016730890901123.2KGS346422.55035.2308.4SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-400 1.25M HDG : WT768403 (QTY 13 PCS)23/11/20167308909052.0KGS25722.8373.8494.6SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-600 5M HDG : WT768618 (QTY.13 PCS)23/11/201673089090234.0KGS81177.01179.8346.9SWEDENJNPT
CABLE LADDER KHZ-600 1.25M HDG : WT768603 (QTY.13 PCS)23/11/20167308909058.5KGS31221.9453.8533.7SWEDENJNPT
ASFR10100015 SLFR100 114/101-55MM GALV (METAL FARM FOR INDUSTRY USE)24/11/2016730890901.0PCS1765.225.61765.2SWEDENDELHI AIR
CSF1000160010 CF 16 OPEN (METAL FARM FOR INDUSTRY USE)24/11/20167308909055.0PCS107830.11567.21960.5SWEDENDELHI AIR