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Online Data is available as per customs notification no. 128/2004

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Cybex Exim brings you latest and updated Trade Intelligence report of HS-85012000 Import Data from daily updated Export shipment data of india Customs. India Import data is compiled on daily basis from all india ports. India Import Data of is available with a backlog of just 2 days.

Import Data can be used for competitive analysis like Import Prices, Quantity, Pricing, Market Trends, Price Trends, Duty optimization etc.Few Sample Shipment records for HS-85012000 Import Data from India is listed below. Contact on 0120-4517800 for Free sample & Pricing of detailed report.

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HS Code
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× mumbai-air
HG-KN43K MOTOR 0.4KW22/11/2016850120004.0PCS35469.3515.58867.3JAPANMUMBAI AIR
AC SERVO MOTOR HG-KR73 MOTOR 0.75KW (JAPAN ORIGIN)23/11/20168501200014.0PCS173410.52520.512386.4JAPANMUMBAI AIR
MOTOR RNFM021-30R100 0.2KW 228 Z90-55353-01 (21AE43 001) (SPARE PARTS FOR AUTOCONER MACHINE)23/11/2016850120002.0PCS46365.5673.923182.7JAPANMUMBAI AIR
AC SERVO MOTOR HG-KR73 MOTOR 0.75KW (JAPAN ORIGIN)23/11/2016850120008.0PCS99091.71440.212386.4JAPANMUMBAI AIR
AC SERVO MOTOR HG-KR23 MOTOR 0.2KW (JAPAN ORIGIN)23/11/2016850120001.0PCS10161.1147.610161.1JAPANMUMBAI AIR
AC SERVO MOTOR HF-SP202 MOTOR 2.0KW (JAPAN ORIGIN)23/11/2016850120001.0PCS24451.7355.424451.7JAPANMUMBAI AIR
MOTOR FBLM575W10K14 Z90-46516-00 (SPARE PARTS FOR AUTOCONER MACHINE)23/11/2016850120002.0PCS27819.3404.313909.6JAPANMUMBAI AIR
AC SERVO MOTOR HG-KR73 MOTOR 0.75KW (JAPAN ORIGIN)23/11/20168501200011.0PCS136251.11980.312386.4JAPANMUMBAI AIR
HG-MR73K MOTOR 0.75KW22/11/2016850120004.0PCS71797.01043.517949.2JAPANMUMBAI AIR
HG-SN102JK MOTOR 1.0KW22/11/2016850120005.0PCS97728.01420.419545.6JAPANMUMBAI AIR
HG-SR1024K MOTOR 1.0KW22/11/2016850120003.0PCS59725.9868.119908.6JAPANMUMBAI AIR
AC SERVO MOTOR HG-KR43 MOTOR 0.4KW (JAPAN ORIGIN)23/11/20168501200015.0PCS188635.22741.712575.6JAPANMUMBAI AIR
HF -KP43K MOTOR 0.4KW24/11/2016850120001.0PCS14896.0216.514896.0JAPANMUMBAI AIR
AC SERVO MOTOR MR-KR13 MOTOR 0.1KW (JAPAN ORIGIN)23/11/2016850120004.0PCS34171.9496.68542.9JAPANMUMBAI AIR
HG - SN302BJ MOTOR 3.0KW24/11/2016850120001.0PCS27025.2392.827025.2JAPANMUMBAI AIR
MBG7500 SERVO MOTOR WITH ENCODER HF - K23JK - S11 011 - 985* MOTOR (PARTS FOR CNC MACHINE)24/11/2016850120001.0PCS26274.4381.826274.4JAPANMUMBAI AIR
MBC1200 SERVO MOTOR HF-H453BS MBC12A000 MOTOR (PARTS FOR CNC MACHINE)24/11/2016850120001.0PCS94274.81370.294274.8JAPANMUMBAI AIR
HG - KR13D MOTOR 0.1KW24/11/2016850120002.0PCS21529.0312.910764.5JAPANMUMBAI AIR
HG - SN202J MOTOR 2.0KW24/11/2016850120007.0PCS148127.42153.021161.0JAPANMUMBAI AIR
MBC3200 SERVO MOTOR HP-H903BS TN593A936G56 MOTOR (PARTS FOR CNC MACHINE)24/11/2016850120001.0PCS124787.11813.7124787.1JAPANMUMBAI AIR
AC SERVO MOTOR HG-KR13 MOTOR 0.1KW (JAPAN ORIGIN)23/11/20168501200020.0PCS170859.82483.48542.9JAPANMUMBAI AIR
AC SERVO MOTOR HG-KR43 MOTOR 0.4KW (JAPAN ORIGIN)23/11/2016850120005.0PCS62878.4913.912575.6JAPANMUMBAI AIR
M146713 573160-001 #540508 SERVO MOTOR 2.6 AMP DRAWING 3-573160 /161 TYP PM 471-90/525/11/2016850120005.0PCS103263.81500.920652.7POLANDMUMBAI AIR
M392867 591911-415 ZIEHL ABEGG MOTOR 124957H MK137-4DK 15 M25/11/2016850120001.0PCS42099.9611.942099.9POLANDMUMBAI AIR
M335482 GMA105875 MOTOR25/11/2016850120001.0PCS47536.7690.947536.7POLANDMUMBAI AIR
MT03100 SERVO MOTOR HC153S - SZ P601K0000P90 MOTOR (PARTS FOR CNC MACHINE)24/11/2016850120001.0PCS25818.0375.225818.0JAPANMUMBAI AIR