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Online Data is available as per customs notification no. 128/2004

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Cybex Exim brings you latest and updated Trade Intelligence report of HS-87169010 Import Data from daily updated Export shipment data of india Customs. India Import data is compiled on daily basis from all india ports. India Import Data of is available with a backlog of just 2 days.

Import Data can be used for competitive analysis like Import Prices, Quantity, Pricing, Market Trends, Price Trends, Duty optimization etc.Few Sample Shipment records for HS-87169010 Import Data from India is listed below. Contact on 0120-4517800 for Free sample & Pricing of detailed report.

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6 INCH PU CASTOR WHEELS FIXED RED COLOUR, MODEL NO. MH2060R-01-UCB (2000 PCS)22/11/2016871690105630.0KGS778702.511318.3138.3CHINAJNPT
6 INCH PU CASTOR SWIVEL RED COLOUR, MODEL NO. MH2060-01-UCB(1800 PCS)22/11/2016871690106225.0KGS804891.811699.0129.2CHINAJNPT
6 INCH PU CASTOR SWIVEL WITH BRAKES RED, MODEL NO. MH2060-01-UCB-TLB (400 PCS)22/11/2016871690101475.0KGS200317.42911.5135.8CHINAJNPT
6 INCH NYLON CASTOR SWIVEL, MODEL NO. WC6660-01-NYB (800 PCS)22/11/2016871690101900.0KGS383361.25572.1201.7CHINAJNPT
6 INCH NYLON CASTOR WHEELS SWIVEL WITH BRAKES, MODEL NO. WC6660-01-NYB-TLB (400 PCS)22/11/201687169010985.0KGS206725.33004.7209.8CHINAJNPT
5 INCH PU CASTOR WHEELS FIXED RED COLOUR, MODEL NO. MH2050R-01-UCB (600 PCS)22/11/2016871690101450.0KGS195999.02848.8135.1CHINAJNPT
5 INCH PU CASTOR SWIVEL RED COLOUR 600, MODEL NO. MH2050-01-UCB (600 PCS)22/11/2016871690101685.0KGS241551.03510.9143.3CHINAJNPT
TRAILER PARTS WHEEL RIM SIZE 7.5-20 14MM (720 PCS) (MADE OF M.S.)22/11/20168716901034520.0KGS1853355.926938.353.6CHINAJNPT
5 INCH PU CASTOR WHEELS SWIVEL WITH BRAKES RED, MODEL NO. MH2050-01-UCB-TLB (300 PCS)22/11/201687169010873.0KGS133521.71940.7152.9CHINAJNPT
TRAILER REAR AXLE (CAPACITY 13 TON, TRACK 1940MM) (58 SET) (MADE OF M.S.)23/11/20168716901021460.0KGS1939873.528195.890.3CHINAJNPT
TRAILER REAR AXLE (CAPACITY 13 TON, TRACK 1940MM) (58 SET) (MADE OF M.S.)23/11/20168716901021460.0KGS1939873.528195.890.3CHINAJNPT
TRAILER PARTS:- TRAILER FIFTH WHEEL,PART NO.FW78Q1/172(27 SETS)23/11/2016871690103483.0KGS347605.35052.499.8CHINAJNPT
6 INCH NYLON CASTOR WHEELS FIXED, MODEL NO. WC6660R-01-NYB (800 PCS)22/11/2016871690101495.0KGS333769.54851.3223.2CHINAJNPT BPW TRAILER AXLE TYPE GB 2305 WITHOUT BRAKES TRACK WIDTH 1500 MM SQUARE OF BEAM 50 MM SUPPORT MIN - 500 MM23/11/201687169010225.0KGS123072.01788.8546.9GERMANYJNPT WHEEL COMPLETE 13" RIM 4 1/2J X 13" CONNECTION 67/112/5 OFFSET 30 MM TYRE 165R13 (10 NOS)23/11/20168716901055.0KGS55256.8803.11004.6GERMANYJNPT
TRAILER PARTS:- TRAILER FIFTH WHEEL,PART NO.FW78Q1/172(3 SETS)23/11/201687169010387.0KGS38622.8561.399.8CHINAJNPT
V3172522 TUBO SENSOR (R1364-2522) (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS23868.3346.911934.1MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
VO 20551483SLP SEALING RING-20551483 (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS3409.749.51704.8MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 20706889 PRESSURE SENSOR -20706889 (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690101.0PCS16366.8237.816366.8MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 20374282 SPEED SENSOR (E1364-8011) (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS10229.2148.65114.6MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 20553587 MASTER PUMP (FTEKG2819.4.2) (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS15343.9223.07671.9MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
E 1350-1668 SIGNAL LAMP (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/20168716901010.0PCS8524.3123.9852.4MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V20734268OPM WATER PUMP ASSY-D12C (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690101.0PCS8524.3123.98524.3MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 20590252 RANGE COVER (V21450362) (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWNUSE)24/11/2016871690105.0PCS76719.61115.115343.9MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
VO 20744939OMP WATER PUMP VO 20744939 (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS27278.0396.413639.0MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 21255974 RELAY 21255974 (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690105.0PCS8524.3123.91704.8MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
E 1350-1666 PARKING LAMP (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/20168716901010.0PCS8524.3123.9852.4MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V20734268OPM WATER PUMP ASSY D12A (12 BLADE) (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690101.0PCS8524.3123.98524.3MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
22-143 7-PIN PLUG (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/201687169010100.0PCS59670.8867.3596.7MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 1075445 SB CABIN ABSORBER (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/2016871690105.0PCS34097.5495.66819.5MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
W 9347140100 4 WAY VALVE -40100 (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690106.0PCS20458.5297.33409.7MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 3979980DC BELT TENSIONER (PARTS OF TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690103.0PCS20458.5297.36819.5MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
VO 8171931 BALL SEAT (E1432-1931) (PARTS OF TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS3409.749.51704.8MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
W 4324100210 AIR DRYER (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS18753.6272.59376.8MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
22-137 7 PIN SOCKET (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/20168716901095.0PCS56687.2823.9596.7MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
VO 20524584 CLUTH PUMP (KG629276AM) (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWNUSE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS37507.3545.118753.6MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V21002879 GEAR SHIF CABLE ( V 21343579) (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/2016871690106.0PCS102292.81486.817048.7MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
E 1350-4285 HEAD LAMP (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/20168716901010.0PCS23015.8334.52301.5MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
E 1510-0954 DUST COVER ( E 1510-0954) (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690103.0PCS3580.252.01193.4MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 1672231 INHIBITOR VALVE ( V 1672231) (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690101.0PCS9376.8136.29376.8MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
E 1410-1106 CLUTCH MASTER KIT (FTERK28712) (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690105.0PCS12786.6185.82557.3MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 20367534 HAND BRAKE VALVE (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS27278.0396.413639.0MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
VO 20476049 GEAR LEVER (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690103.0PCS56261.0817.718753.6MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 20366591 SC CLUTCH PLATE -20366591 (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWNUSE)24/11/2016871690103.0PCS86948.81263.728982.9MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
E 1818-5259 CABIN HAND PUMP VERSION 3 (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWN USE)24/11/2016871690104.0PCS27278.0396.46819.5MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 3171490 IMPULSE SENSOR (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS18753.6272.59376.8MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
W 4324251010 AIR DRYER ASSY-W 4324251010 (PARTS FOR TRAILER)(OWN USE)24/11/2016871690102.0PCS51146.4743.425573.2MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA
V 20366592 SC CLUTCH PLATE-20366592 (PARTS FOR TRAILER) (OWNUSE)24/11/2016871690103.0PCS117636.71709.839212.2MALAYSIACHENNAI SEA