New Exim Policy 2008-09 | Foreign Trade Policy 2008-09 - Highlights

Exim Policy Highlights

New Exim Policy / Foreign Trade Policy 2008 - 2009 - Highlights

Exim Policy Annual Supplement Highlights 2008 - 09

  • DEPB scheme has been extended till May 2009.
  • Refund of service tax on almost all the services.
  • Income tax benefit to 100% EOUs has been extended by Government.
  • Coverage of FMS has been increased and additional 10 countries have been included. These are Mongolia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Honduras, Djibouti, Sudan, Ghana and Colombia.
  • Split-up facility under DFIA Scheme introduced.
  • Duty free import of samples has been increased from Rs.75, 000 to Rs.1, 00,000.
  • Value of jeweler parcels, through Foreign Post Office is raised to US$ 75,000. Earlier it was from US$ 50,000.
  • EOUs shall be allowed to pay excise duty on monthly basis, instead of the present system of paying duty on consignment basis.
  • Customs duty payable under EPCG Scheme has been reduced from 5% to 3%.
  • Setting up a new Export Promotion Council for Telecom Sector.