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Russia Customs Export Data is based on Shipping Bills, Invoices filed with Russian customs. It contains all Export records of Russia. Derived from Russia Customs, Russia Exports data contains important details like Russian Exporters name & address, Quantity, Price etc. and thus making it a powerful & handy tool to track authentic and active Russia Suppliers or Exporters and get best sourcing of your products. This report has proved to be an excellent directory for easy reference to find Russian Exporters, Suppliers, Traders or Manufacturers.

Data Fields include:

  • Russia Exporters Names, Address, Telephone, Fax,etc. 
  • Foreign Buyer/Importer Name, Address, Telephone, Fax etc. 
  • Product description 
  • Quantity & Unit of quantity 
  • Invoice Value, Invoice Currency & Invoice terms 
  • Date of Export 
  • HS Codes 
  • Port of Origin & Destination  
  • Many other details like: Company Code, Shipment Mode, Trade Type, etc.

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