Customs Duty In India On , :DAPSONE (DDS), ACEDAPSONE (DADDS), SOLOPSONE AND CLOFAZIMINE | Duty Calculator Of 30049055,

Indian Import Duty 30049055 :Customs Duty on Dapsone (DDS), acedapsone (DADDS), solopsone and clofazimine

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(Product level Indian HS Classification is based on HS Codes used in actual Shipment Data)
Import Duty Calculator of Dapsone (DDS), acedapsone (DADDS), solopsone and clofazimine
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Formula Duty Rates Duty Amount
Assessable Value – (A)
(CIF Value + 1% Landing Charge of CIF)
Basic Duty – (B)
(A) x Basic Duty Rate
Preferential Duty – (B)
(A) x Pref. Duty Rate
IGST: Additional Duty – (C)
(A+B) x IGST Rate
Central Excise Edu Cess – (D)
(C) x Central Excise Edu Cess rate
Customs Education Cess – (E)
(B+C+D) x Customs Edu. Cess rate
Social Welfare Surcharge – Special Duty – (F)
(A+B+C+D+E) x Social Welfare Surcharge
Total Custom Duty (B+C+D+E+F)