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UK Imports data is based & compiled from Import statistics released by UK Customs from shipping documents filed at UK Customs. It contains all the import records of Sea & Air shipments coming to UK ports & Airports. UK import data is available on any product exported to United Kingdom by Sea or Air to any of the UK ports. UK imports data is available from the world as a whole. Derived from UK Customs, UK Imports data includes important details like UK importers name & address and thus making it a powerful & handy tool to track authentic and active UK Buyers or Importers and analyze your product's market in UK. This report has proved to be an excellent directory for easy reference to find UK Importers or Buyers.

UK Import Data include the following Fields: 

  • UK Buyers Name, address 
  • Month of Shipment 
  • No. of Shipments 
  • UK Harmonized or Commodity Code 
  • UK Product or Commodity Description

UK Import Data Sample
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